Common Construction Projects

Replacing Furnace



1.Submit Electrical Subcode Technical Form completed.  

2.Provide manufacturer installation instructions and specification sheets.



1.Submit Mechanical Subcode Technical Form completed.

2.Provide manufacturer installation guide.

3.Provide combustion air calculations.

4.Provide Chimney Certification.

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Application Forms

[In all cases of plumbing or electrical projects where a contractor is hired, EACH copy of the permit application must have the raised seal of the contractor.]

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1.Final Inspection:  All electrical equipment connected and ready for use.

Fire Protection

1.Final Inspection:  Venting/chimney and connections.  Clearances to vent/chimney and heater, combustion air for furnace/boiler room, carbon monoxide detector near bedrooms.


1.Final Inspection

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Terms & Definitions

1.Chimney: Vent pipe which takes products of combustion from an appliance to the exterior of a structure.  May be metal, masonry, or plastic.

2.Chimney Certification: N.J. Uniform Construction Code form indicating that the chimney is safe for use.

3.Chimney Liner: Metal vent used to vent an appliance through a masonry chimney. May be required where chimney is too large, leaking carbon monoxide through chimney.

4.Combustion Air: Make-up air required for any fuel-burning appliance for combustion flame. Needed when appliance is installed in closet or finished basement.

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The state allows each municipality to adopt their own fee schedules based on the actual costs incurred.  The fee schedule is monitored annually by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to ensure the fees are not excessive and are adequate to cover appropriate costs.

The cost of a permit is set by township ordinance available at the township Construction Office.


For the successful completion of your project, in addition to general guidance and information in this section, The Construction Department reserves the right to ask for any specific information or clarification unique to your project.

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