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Cable and Telecommunications Advisory Committee


The Lawrence Township Cable and Telecommunications Advisory Committee (formerly the Cable Television Advisory Committee) is appointed by the Town Council to provide consultative and advisory assistance to Council and to act as the public’s advocate to the telecommunication service providers (Comcast and Verizon).

Our Mission

The committee:

  • Provides advice to Town Council regarding matters related to Cable and FiOS Television, Internet access and connectivity, and other matters as requested.
  • Acts as the advocate and public’s voice with Comcast and Verizon in matters such as service problems, installation issues, etc. While the Committee has no control over programming content or channels, the Committee will bring the Public’s programming requests to the attention of Comcast and Verizon.
  • Ensures that free internet and television service is delivered to all municipal and school facilities entitled to such service.
  • Coordinates the refranchising process of the Cable Provider, currently Comcast, which was finalized in 2014. Note that the Verizon franchise is statewide and not controlled by the Township.


The committee meets as needed on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 in Town Hall. However, it should be noted that the Committee has not had a meeting in 2015. Meeting dates are posted on this website (calendar), and announced on Verizon channel 36 and Comcast channel 19.

The committee has developed a digital TV FAQ document available for the public.

Members & Liaisons

Current Members:

  • Currently six (7) Vacancies

Current Liaisons:

  • Councilwoman Cathleen M. Lewis, Township Council Liaison

Check Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Committee meets on call in the Municipal Building.