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Health Advisory Board


The Health Advisory Board consists of nine members appointed by the Lawrence Township Council, at least one of whom is a either a registered nurse or a physician. Each member serves a term of three years. Vacancies shall be filled by the Council for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lawrence Township Health Advisory Board is to promote health and healthy life-styles, recommend health initiatives to the Town Council, prevent disease and foster a clean and safe environment. The Board will consult with the Township Department of Health, provide policy and action recommendations to the department, act to support Town Council in its capacity as the Board of Health and serve as public health advocates to the community.


  • Advise and consult with the Health Officer with respect to the public health needs and programs of the Township.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Health Officer with respect to Public Health Law, “Minimum Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey, New Jersey Administrative Code” (Title 8-Chapter 52) as revised by the Public Health Council of the New Jersey State Department of Health, effective January 1, 1987.
  • Study and report on proposed health ordinances to the Health Officer, the Manager, and the Council, and make sure other reports as it may from time to time deem necessary or desirable with respect to public health matters.

Members & Liasons

Current Members:

  • Maureen T. Adams (Through 12/31/22)
  • Rabiah Asif (Through 12/31/21)
  • Mary C. Baird (Through 12/31/22)
  • Anthony Brickman (Through 12/31/20)
  • Darlene Hanley (Through 12/31/20)
  • Camila Pena (Through 12/31/20)
  • Vacancy (Through 12/31/21)

Current Liaisons:

  • Carol Chamberlain, Township Staff Liaison
  • Councilman Cathleen M. Lewis, Township Council Liaison

Check Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Board meets as below in 2020:

  • Wednesday, February 12
  • Wednesday, May 6
  • Wednesday, September 2
  • Wednesday, December 2