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Human Relations Committee


The committee was founded by ordnance in 2002.  Lawrence Township is a community comprised of a culturally diverse population, and the Lawrence Township Council seeks to foster cultural interaction through the development of local programs and services directed toward cultural exchange, and with input from local residents, churches, businesses and schools. The Human Relations Committee is here to improve the quality of life among all the great diverse ethnicities and cultures that we have in Lawrence.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Human Relations Committee is to help the Township of Lawrence celebrate its diversity and to advise the Town Council on cultural affairs. The Committee recommends and evaluates programs to increase cultural awareness and promotes harmony between the diverse cultures.

What is a Diverse Community?

It helps us to identify the differences between us and to embrace them, which can improve relations within our own community and surrounding areas and increase the ability to cope with change, and expand creativity at all levels.  Diversity is important because it enhances society, organizations, educational institutions, government, and business with unique perspectives and new ideas. Diversity is the difference in ideas, morals, cultures, lifestyles, and goals.


Diversity Day 2019

Members & Liaisons

Current Members:

  • Teresita Bastides-Heron (Through 12/31/21)
  • Kenneth Bernabe (Through 12/31/22)
  • John Gaskins (Through 12/31/22)
  • Cindy Hollender (Through 12/31/21)
  • Inderjit Sidhu (Through 12/31/22)
  • Hardat Singh (Through 12/31/21)
  • Manuel Torres (Through 12/31/21)
  • Vacancy, Police Officer, (Through 12/31/22)
  • Vacancy, HS Student (Through 12/31/22)

Current Liaisons:

  • John Ryan, Township Council Liaison

Check Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Generally, the Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the Municipal Building.