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Trails, Open Space and Stewardship Advisory Committee



Our Mission

We evaluate community open space assets and requirements and advise Township Council and other boards regarding acquisition and development of open space.

  • Recommend properties for acquisition
  • Review Master Plan and recommend revisions to conservation and community facilities and recreation elements.
  • Study and recommend to Township Council regarding development of parkland.
  • Assist in development of Open Space Plan



Members & Liaisons

Current Members:

  • Christoph Ahlers (Through 12/31/13)
  • Nancy Becker (Through 12/31/13)
  • Anthony Colavita (Through 12/31/15))
  • Joyce Copleman (Through 12/31/15)
  • Anne Demarais (Through 12/31/14)
  • Paul Larson (Through 12/31/15)
  • Dave Mizenko (Through 12/31/15)
  • Michael Winka (Through 12/31/13)
  • Peter Wood (Through 12/31/14)

Current Liaisons:

  • Councilwoman Cathleen M. Lewis, Township Council Liaison

Check Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Generally, the Committee meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the Manager's Conference Room in the Municipal Building.