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Township Directory

Area Code 609

Department Contact E-Mail Address Phone
Animal Control Chris Buck 844-7092
Affordable Housing Andrew Link 844-7087
Business Advocate Andrew Link 844-7087
Clerk Kathleen Norcia 844-7000
Construction Anthony Cermele 844-7060
Construction Information Diane Runowicz 844-7060
Plumbing Subcode Don Craver 844-7025
Electrical Subcode Mike Byra 844-7057
Building Subcode Mike Rodgers 844-7063
Fire Subcode Richard Soltis 844-7024
Council Mayor Cathleen Lewis 844-7000
  Councilman Brame 844-7000
  Councilman Kownacki 844-7000
  Councilman Maffei 844-7000
  Councilman Powers 844-700
Court Nicole Finacchio 844-7159
Emergency Management Coordinator Jack Oakley 844-7113
Engineering James Parvesse 844-7087
Public Works Inspector Joseph Pellegrino 844-7087
Finance Peter Kiriakatis 844-7015
Purchasing Jean Paramonte 844-7011
Supervisor of Accounts Linda Lutes 844-7013
Fire Marshal
Dale Robbins 844-7018
Health Carol Chamberlain 844-7089
  Public Health Nurse 844-7094
Registrar Linda Ciosek 844-7089
Information n/a  
Manager Richard Krawczun 844-7005
Developer Escrow Accounts Yvette Martinette 844-7005
Personnel Debra Monroe 844-7012
Planning Board James Parvesse 844-7087

Acting Chief Mark Ubry 896-1111
Public Works Greg Whitehead 587-1894
Public Works
General Info
Janice Brokofsky 587-1894
Recreation Steven Groeger 844-7067
  John Groeger 844-7065
Office on Aging Lillian LaSalle 844-7049
Tax Assessor Geoffrey Acolia 844-7040
Tax Collector Susan E. McCloskey 844-7041
Zoning Board Brenda Kraemer 844-7087
Zoning Officer James Parvesse 844-7084