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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clerk Questions

Q: How do I get to the municipal building?

The municipal complex is located at 2207 Lawrenceville Road (also known as Route 206), just south of Route 95 and just north of Rider University. (See Directions Page)

Q: Where can my child get working papers?

Call the Lawrence Township Board of Education at 609-671-5500.

Q: Who are my local, state, and federal representatives?

See the list on the clerk's page.

Q: How do I get a passport?

See details on the clerk's page.

Engineering Questions

Q: Is my property in a Flood Zone?

The Engineering Department has the Flood Insurance Rate Maps on file. If you provide the street address (and block/lot, if possible). we will review the maps and determine if the property is in a flood zone. Note that we base our determination on the property location, we do not provide information on whether your house is in a flood zone. If you need the information in writing, there is a $10 fee.

Q: Do I need a permit to replace my sidewalk?

Permits are required to replace all improvements in the public right-of-way such as curb, driveway apron and sidewalk. The permit fees are for repair and replacement: $15 per 100 linear feet and installation of new: $20 per 100 linear feet. The Township must inspect the forms and witness the concrete pour. Notification of the concrete pour must be one (1) day in advance. Note that a permit is not required to replace sidewalk on your private property, such as the sidewalk around your house.

Q: Do I need a permit to replace my driveway?

No, as long as the driveway is not enlarged in any direction. If you plan to enlarge your driveway, please contact the Engineering Department regarding requirements. Minimum driveway setback is five feet (5').

Q: I just moved into a new development and I want to construct a deck, fence, addition, etc.; however, I have a temporary certificate of compliance. What can I do?

If there are no other outstanding engineering issues (such as submission of an updated as-built plan, re-grading, etc.) except establishment of permanent vegetative cover, you may sign a waiver releasing the developer and Township from all responsibility for grass growth. We will issue a permanent Certificate of Compliance and you may obtain permits for other work on your property.

Q: Which water company serves my home and how do I contact them?

Generally, the water services areas are:

  • South of Route 95/295 - Trenton Water Works (609-989-3222)
  • North of Route 95/295 - Aqua Water (856-784-3322)
    (area between I-95, Federal City Rd, Keefe Rd and ½ mile north of Cold Soil Rd)
  • North of Keefe Road, over ½ mile north of Cold Soil Road, north of Meadow Road, mall areas - New Jersey American Water (800-652-6987)
  • Several properties within these areas may have individual wells.
  • Note that sewer service for Lawrence Township is provided by the Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority at 609-587-4061.

Fire & Housing Questions

Q: Do you require a burglar alarm permit for a business?

Yes, all residences and businesses having a burglar, fire or medical assistance alarm which transmits to a central or private alarm company must register one time with the Fire Marshal's Office.


Q: What is the Township's Tax ID Number?

Tax ID # is 21-6000791

Q: Can I purchase an additional trash cart and what is the cost?

Extra carts are available as follows:

  • 95 gal $55.00
  • 65 gal $50.00
  • 35 gal $45.00

Checks made payable to "Lawrence Township", Attn: Finance Department.


Q: I want to put up a shed, fence, pool. Do I need any approval?

Yes, all accessory structures (sheds, pools, fences, etc) require zoning approval. You will need a copy of your property survey, showing the location of the proposed work. Certain setbacks must be met and vary from zone to zone. Sheds under 100 sf and fences do not require a building permit, just zoning approval. However, pools do require zoning approval and a building permit. Contact the Zoning Office for further details.


Q: What is required to obtain a marriage, remarriage or civil union license?

A license for marriage or civil union can be obtained from the Health Department. For additional information contact the Lawrence Township Health Department by calling (609) 844-7089. Appointment are strongly recommended.