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Community Aide

What is a Community Aide?

The Community Aide is a channel of communication between the municipality and its residents and businesses. They are responsible for conveying information to the public in addition to developing and implementing more efficient systems of communication. The Community Aide's goal is to connect through communication, and strengthen the bonds of the community by forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

How does a Community Aide work with businesses?

The Community Aide is the first point of contact for businesses. They manage the town's correspondences with prospective businesses, and handle the onboarding process into the business registrar while helping them navigate through the permit and license application process. The Community Aide also provides general support in the form of outreach, curation of resources, needs assessments, various financing opportunities, on-the-job training opportunities, administering 1-on-1 consultations and social media crash courses. 

Craig Dinwoodie, Community Aide
Telephone: 609.844.7074