Mayor Patricia Hendricks Farmer

Patricia Hendricks Farmer is a lifelong resident of Lawrence Township. Her family moved to Lawrence in the late 1930’s. She is the daughter of Theodore “Buck” Hendricks a WWII Veteran and Angelina Hendricks Verdejo who moved from Puerto Rico in the early 1950s. Patricia is the first Latina mayor of Lawrence Township. She resides in the Historic African American community of Eggerts Crossing and Eldridge Park.

A graduate of Temple University, with a BA Communications in Journalism and Public Relations, she attended Lawrence High School and Mercer County Performing Arts School, and St. Ann’s school. Active in the following volunteer organizations, Eggerts Crossing Civic League, First Vice President, which is celebrating 75 years of service to the residents of Lawrence Township this year, Lawrence Neighbors Together an educational and advocacy group for Lawrence residents, Lawrence Township Historical Society, and she is the past president of the Lawrence Township School Board. She is raising her son who attends Lawrence High School and ismarried to Robert.

Patricia Hendricks Farmer is the past president of Lawrence Township School Board, First Vice President of the Eggerts Crossing Civic League, Past member of the Lawrence Township Planning Board and School Board liaison for the Growth and Redevelopment Committee. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and was raised in Lawrence Township, a graduate of Temple University, Lawrence High School and St. Ann’s school.