Councilmember Christopher Bobbitt

In 2015, Christopher Bobbitt was elected to Township Council in a special election to fill an unexpired term and sworn in soon after. As a practicing architect, he is accustomed to listening to a client's program requirements, developing a vision for a project, staying within a budget, and communicating and coordinating with a variety of stakeholders – traits that he believes are assets to serving on Township Council. Councilman Bobbitt’s service to the Township started soon after arriving in 2004. He was appointed to a position on the Growth & Redevelopment Committee, which focuses on the growth and stability of local businesses. Within a few years of service on that committee, Christopher was asked to become a board member of Sustainable Lawrence, an organization focused on creating a more ecologically sustainable community. In addition, he served for a time on the Township’s “Green Team” before beginning an almost four-year term on the Township Planning Board where he heard and decided on a variety of projects including the applications for Costco and the Bristol-Myers Squibb building on Princeton Pike.

Now serving his third term on Township Council, Christopher has been focused on continuing the Township’s strong record of providing excellent services while controlling costs. During his term as Mayor (2018-2019), Christopher collaborated with his colleagues on Council and the Township Manager to rebuild Township staff in a deliberate way to meet the emerging needs of the community. The results included improved delivery of Township services, more sustainable operations, and a more robust and successful grant writing program that has helped the Township do more without needing to increase property taxes. As Lawrence Township continues to evolve, Councilman Bobbitt looks to work in partnership with Council and Township staff to address the issues important to the residents including affordable and quality housing, public safety, community engagement, and being good stewards of our community resources. He feels that it is important to continue appropriate development in the township to strengthen our local business districts and neighborhoods. In concert with improved connections to move through the community by biking or walking, this growth can be used to address the needs of the future and keep Lawrence Township a vibrant place to live, work, and play. Councilman Bobbitt continues his commitment to working to increase sustainable practices in the township, strengthening the local business community, and celebrating the wonderful diversity that can be found within the community. The diversity of Lawrence reflects the strength of its residents who take to heart our country’s motto “E pluribus unum” or “Out of many, one.”

 Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Christopher moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend Stanford University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies. After graduation, he attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received his Master of Architecture. After nine years of living in San Francisco, Christopher, his wife Tiffany Smith, and their daughter Frances moved to the Village of Lawrenceville where they fell in love with the Township. After an exhaustive search for the right house, the family found a home in the Colonial Lakelands neighborhood and added a son, Henry. Everyday Councilman Bobbitt walks the family dog around Colonial Lake and is reminded of the description of Lawrence Township as the place “where nature smiles for 22 miles.”