The Division of Finance includes the Office of Accounts and Control, the Tax Assessor's Office, and the Tax Collector's Office. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for compiling and monitoring the annual municipal budget, filing the Annual Debt Statement, the Annual Financial Statement, and coordinates and assists in preparing the Annual Municipal Audit. The Office of Accounts and Control maintains accounting records, invests municipal funds, calculates payroll and payroll deductions, and collects income and disbursement of obligations (Accounts Payable, School and County Levy's, Debt Service, Statutory Obligations). The Tax Assessor is responsible for the valuation of real and personal property in the Township for assessment and taxation purposes. The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing, collecting, and recording of all taxes and sewer fees levied upon all Township properties.
Kiriakatis, Peter - Chief Financial Officer
Lutes, Linda - Supervisor of Accounts
Monroe, Debra - Payroll Supervisor
Paramonte, Jean - Purchasing Officer

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