Senior Connect

Senior Connect 

Are you a senior resident in Lawrence Township or someone who knows a cherished senior that finds it difficult to stay informed about the township in the digital era? If so, we have a solution!  

Lawrence Township is committed to connecting with the community in a transparent and informative way. Our goal is to ensure that every member of our community can stay up-to-speed with the Municipality as it evolves and takes on new challenges. That's why we've spearheaded the Senior Connect program that aims to help Lawrence seniors stay informed about local news and events. Every month a new Senior Connect issue combines relevant and important information from our website, Facebook accounts, and Municipal Manager's blog into a single document available at the Senior Center and Municipal Building. Senior Connect is a convenient and easy way to stay informed about what's happening in Lawrence Township. 

The goal of this initiative is to connect people in our community. If you know a senior in Lawrence Township that would like the newsletter print it out for them and deliver it with a friendly smile! We can all do our part to help everyone feel connected to the community. 

Please download the latest issue below and print one out for yourself or someone in the community! 

Current Issue:

Senior Connect - June 2022  Senior Connect - June 2022.pdf 

Past Issues: 

Senior Connect - May 2022  Senior Connect - May 2022.pdf 

Senior Connect - April 2022  Senior Connect - April 2022.pdf 

Senior Connect - March 2022  Senior Connect 30522.pdf 

Senior Connect - February 2022   Senior Connect 21422.pdf 

Senior Connect - January 2022 Senior Connect 1.14.22.pdf