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Engineering, Planning & Zoning FAQs

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Engineering Department FAQs
Is my property in a Flood Zone?

The Engineering Department has the Flood Insurance Rate Maps on file. Flood zone mapping is also available in pdf format on our website at Flood Zone Map.   You may also go to FEMA Flood Map Service Center and enter your address.

Is my property in a Wetland?

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection mapping is available in .pdf format on our website here. 

Is my property served by public water or public sewer?

Please consult the Water and Sewer Service map

Sewer service for Lawrence Township is provided by the Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority at 609-587-4061.  Generally, the water services areas are:

  • North of Route 95/295 - Aqua Water (856-784-3322)
    (area between I-95, Federal City Rd, Keefe Rd and ½ mile north of Cold Soil Rd)

  • Several properties within these areas may have individual wells.
Do I need a permit to replace my sidewalk?

Permits are required to replace all improvements in the public right-of-way such as curb, driveway apron and sidewalk.

The permit fees are for repair and replacement: $15 per 100 linear feet and installation of new: $20 per 100 linear feet.

The Township must inspect the forms and witness the concrete pour. Notification of the concrete pour must be one (1) day in advance.  

The permit may be obtained at the Engineering Department.  A copy of the contractor’s license is required. 

If you are doing the work as a homeowner, please note that air-entrained concrete is required and you can’t mix concrete in a wheelbarrow.  Note that a permit is not required to replace sidewalk on your private property, such as the sidewalk around your house.

Do I need a permit to replace my driveway?

No, as long as the driveway is not enlarged in any direction.

If you plan to enlarge your driveway, please contact the Engineering Department regarding requirements.

Minimum driveway setback is five feet (5').

Can I outlet my sump pump pipe into the street?

No. Sump pump piping must connect to the underground storm sewer system or outlet on your property in a manner that does not impact your neighbors.

It is prohibited to cut a hole through the curb for your pipe because it leads to hazardous icing conditions in the winter and mosquitos /stagnant water in the summer. 

It is also not permitted to connect the pipe to the sanitary sewer system. Possible acceptable outlet options include drywells, pop-ups and connection to the drainage system.

Is approval required for tree removal?

For all tree removals, the Engineering Department must be notified and inspect the trees prior to removal.

Residential homeowners are permitted to remove 5 trees annually with sizes between 8 and 29 inches in diameter.

Larger trees are considered specimen trees and may not be removed without a permit and replacement.

Unauthorized removal may result in a replacement requirement or a contribution to the Shade Tree Account.

When will my street be repaved or reconstructed?
There are colored flags on my property or in other areas of my street. what does that mean?
How do I get a street light that is not working repaired?

Please refer to this brochure from PSE&G concerning street lights.

What is the difference between a local, county and state road?
Zoning Department FAQs
I want to put up a shed, fence, deck, patio, pool or other improvement. Do I need any approval?

Yes, all accessory structures require zoning approval. You will need a copy of your property survey, showing the location of the proposed work. You may draw the proposed improvements or highlight a fence location on a copy of the survey. 

It is not necessary to have an engineer or architect prepare the plan.  Certain setbacks must be met and vary from zone to zone.

Sheds and fences do not require a building permit, just zoning approval. However, pools and decks do require zoning approval and a building permit.

Contact the Zoning Office for further details.

I just moved into a new development and I want to construct a deck, fence, addition, etc.; however, I have a temporary certificate of compliance. What can I do?

If there are no other outstanding engineering issues (such as submission of an updated as-built plan, re-grading, etc.) except establishment of permanent vegetative cover, you may sign a waiver releasing the developer and Township from all responsibility for grass growth. We will issue a permanent Certificate of Compliance and you may obtain permits for other work on your property.

Are temporary signs permitted?

Temporary signs are only permitted as provided for in section 535.K of the Land Use Ordinance

Temporary signs are never permitted adjacent to the public roadway (within the right of way) and can only be placed on private property with the owner’s permission. 

Can I operate a business from my residence?

Single family residential property owners are permitted to have home occupations in their residences if the ordinance criteria are satisfied. There is a limit on the number of employees (one non-resident), space allocated in the home (450 sf maximum), and there can be no change to the residential character of the property. A form and fee are required.

Can your office tell me if my residence is in a flood zone?

Please consult this Flood Zone Map for that information.

What are the setback requirements for a pool?
How do I apply for a Zoning Permit and what information do I need?
How long does it take to obtain a zoning Permit?
When do I need a Zoning Permit?
What zone am I in and where can I get a copy of the Zoning Map?

The Zoning Map can be found here, you should be able to download it if you want a copy. 

What are the setback requirements for sheds?
I would like to seek a variance, how do I go about obtaining the proper forms.

Please complete this form and submit it to the Zoning Office. If you have questions, please call 609.844.7087

What will my taxes be if I construct a new shed/pool/addition?

That figure would need to be arrived at by having the Tax Assessor's Office review your improvements and set an increase based on the value of those improvements.

They can be reached at 609.844.7040 for more detailed information.