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Public Works FAQ

Please feel free to contact the Lawrence Department of Public Works for assistance at (609) 587-1894.

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Garbage and Recycling FAQs
When is my garbage picked up?

Please consult this chart: Garbage Collection Schedule

Do I need to schedule a bulk / white good pick up?

Please contact the Public Works Department for a special collection at 609.587.1894.

The township collects metal and white goods by appointment every Wednesday.

What if my garbage or recycling day falls on a holiday, when will it be picked it up?

When a holiday falls on Monday or Tuesday, collection will be the Saturday before the holiday.  

When a holiday falls on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, collection will be on the Saturday following the holiday.

When and how do I put out my recycling?

Recycling is a service provided by the County through the Mercer County Improvement Authority.  For a guide to recyclables, contact the MCIA at 609-278-8086.  

All recyclables must be placed in official buckets and at the curb by 6:00am.  No items in plastic bags will be collected.  

Recycling is picked up every other Monday.  If a Monday falls on a holiday, the pickup is the following Saturday.  If recycling is missed, please call the Public Works Department at 609-587-1894.  

How do I recycle my old electronics?

Certain household electronic devices can be brought to the Ecological Center located at 3701 Princeton Pike on Wednesdays between the hours of 7:30am and 2:30pm.

The following items are accepted:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Printers (desktop only - paper and ink, toner removed)
  • Fax machines (desktop only - paper and ink, toner removed)
  • Televisions

How do I dispose of vegetative waste and yard debris?

Vegetative waste and yard debris should be placed along the front yard curb no earlier than the weekend prior to the scheduled pickup week.

Collection will be limited to brush and tree prunings.  

Pile size may not be larger than 3-feet high and must be placed not greater than 4-feet from the edge of the pavement.  The pile shall not exceed 12-feet in length. 

Diseased material and firewood will not be collected and disposed of by the Township.  This material must be disposed of privately.  

There is no brush collection during the months of November and December - Leaf collection only.  

How do I put out my leaves during Fall Leaf Collection?

Leaves are collected during the months of November and December. Brush collection will be suspended. Leaves should be placed loose at the curb, but no closer than ten feet and downhill from any storm drains. 

The Township will assign one leaf collection crew to each brush zone.  Because of the volume of leaves, each crew will work their designated zone continuously until all streets have been collected. The collection crews will continue their collection efforts within their zone throughout November and December.  

Residents may also drop off leaves at the Ecological Facility located at 3701 Princeton Pike.  

How many trash carts can I have?

Each household has a limit of no more than 200 gallons of cart capacity.  

A 95-gallon trash cart has been issued to each household at no cost. The carts are Township property and have been assigned by address using a serial number which is hot stamped on each cart.

A 35-gallon trash cart is available if you would prefer a smaller size.  You can exchange your 95-gallon for a 35-gallon by contacting the Department of Public Works at 609-587-1894.  

Can I purchase an additional trash cart and what is the cost?

If you determine that you need more capacity, additional carts may be leased for a one-time lease fee based on cart size.  

Lease fee:  95-gallon Trash cart = $55.00,  35-gallon Trash cart = $45.00

Payment method:  Checks made payable to Township of Lawrence

Call Public Works if you have additional questions. 609.587.1894

What should I do if my blue trash cart is broken?

Broken carts must be reported to the  Public Works Department at 609.587.1894 

Carts will be repaired or replaced. 

When will my street be plowed?

The township will begin to apply rock salt during winter precipitation to the main roads.  Once there is enough snow that has accumulated (3"), the township will dispatch additional trucks and commence plowing efforts on the main township roadways.  Keeping the main roads passable is essential for emergency vehicles and motorists.  Once the snow fall ends, the main roads will be plowed curb to curb. Once the main roads are completed, crews will turn their attention to secondary roads and developments.  

How do I get a pothole repaired?

Potholes are to be reported to the Department of Public Works at 609-587-1894

What do I do if a street sign is down or has graffiti on it?

Damaged street signs are to be reported to the Department of Public Works at 609-587-1894

What if the catch basin at the curb line has debris or is in need of repair?

The Department of Public Works maintains catch basins.  If debris is to be removed or a repair made, please call 609-587-1894

Does the Township recycle tires?

Yes.  Township residents may drop off used vehicle tires at the Ecological Center located at 3701 Princeton Pike on Wednesdays between 7:30am to 2:30pm.  Rims must be removed. 

Is the Ecology Facility open on Saturday?

Saturday hours run  April thru November, 7:30am to 2:30pm.  

Where is the Ecology Facility located?

3701 Princeton Pike (just south of Fackler Road.)

How can I dispose of paint and other hazardous waste?

Mercer County Improvement Authority has three hazardous waste events each year.  

Household hazardous waste and electronics can be dropped off during their scheduled event.  They accept oil based paint only.  Latex paint will not be taken.   

Please check this flyer for dates and times.

Can I place my recyclables in plastic bags?

No, please place all recyclables loose in your yellow recycling cans.

Plastic bags slow down the sorting process and damages equipment.

Can I place grass in with my yard waste?

No, grass shall be bagged and placed in your cart for trash collection. 

Ideally, you should cut it and leave it - Lawn care experts say the best way to handle grass clippings is to leave them on your lawn. Grass clippings provide a natural and healthy fertilizer.

Is there a municipal dump or a place I can bring garbage?

No, the Township collects all garbage at the curb per regulations. See this website for trash regulations.

Yard Waste Collection FAQs
How many piles can I place at the curb?

Your total pile size can be 12' long, 3' high and 4' from the edge of curb.  Please do not obstruct traffic.  Any pile exceeding 12' in length will not be collected.

How large can my yard waste pile be at the curb?

Your total pile size can be 12’ long, 3’ high and 4’ from the edge of the curb; please do not obstruct traffic.  Any pile exceeding 12’ in length will not be collected. 

When can I place my brush at the curb for collection?

Brush will be collected according to your zone schedule.  Do not place brush at the curb until the weekend before your zone collection week. 

How thick can my tree branches be for collection?

Tree trunks and limbs in excess of 6” in diameter will not be collected. 

How long should the branches be for collection?

Limbs shall be cut in lengths of 3’ or less. 

Can I place a tree stump in the road for collection?

No, tree stumps are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Can I place grass in the road for collection?

No, grass shall be bagged and placed in your blue cart for collection.  Cutting it and leaving it on your lawn is always the best option.  Residents may drop off grass clippings at the Ecological Facility,   3701 Princeton Pike, Monday-Friday,  7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. 

Can my landscaper place yard waste at the curb during the week when he is servicing my property?

Landscapers must be registered with Lawrence Township. This will allow them to understand the rules and regulations.  Landscapers must follow all the same rules for collection when working for the homeowner.  Landscapers can only place yard waste at the curb for collection the Saturday or Sunday before the proper zone collection. 

Can my landscaper bring yard waste to the Township’s Ecological Facility?

The Ecological Facility is open to Township residents only.  Landscapers and commercial vehicles are prohibited. 

Your landscaper must be registered and follow the same rules for disposal. 

Can my tree landscape contractor remove a tree from my property and place it in the road for disposal?

No, your tree service is responsible for disposal.  This program is designed for yard waste and trimmings.

Can I place a pile with my neighbor’s pile or have a “community pile”?

No, place your pile in front of your home for collection.  Each resident is entitled to (1) one 12’ pile and we need to easily identify which property belongs to the yard waste pile.

If I have a violation, will you come back and collect the material?

The crews are working hard to collect the entire zone during the collection week.  Unfortunately, we do not have time to go back to the properties that did not conform to the regulations.   The yard waste can be dropped off at the Ecological Facility or removed from the curb until the next zone collection for your area.

Can I place dirt in the street from my garden or beds?

No, the Township is not allowed to collect soil, stones, concrete, bricks, mulch, diseased firewood or construction debris from the roadway. 

Can I place a wooden playground set or wood fencing out at the curb for yard waste collection? 

 No, please follow rules for trash collection for these items.

Why has the program changed?

The collection program rules are generally the same.  This municipal program is very popular, and the total amount of material has been rising, creating clogged streets in the Township with large amounts of yard waste debris.  The changes are designed to preserve the program for years to come and make the streets of Lawrence safe and beautiful.  Please DO NOT place yard waste in the street until the weekend before your zone collection.

Sewer Department FAQs
What happens if my sewer backs up?

You will need to contact the Ewing-Lawrence Sewer Authority (ELSA) at 609-587-4061