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Organic Recycling

The organic recycling program is temporarily suspended effective November 30, 2023.  The Township did not receive any bids for this service for the period covering 12/1/23 to 11/30/24.  We are currently exploring other options to continue the service sometime in the future.

Lawrence Township provides residents, on an optional basis, the opportunity to compost their organic waste through a Curbside Organic Collection Program. See the attached for the recently passed law affecting Organic Waste Collection.

Click here to enroll in the Curbside Organic Collection Program

Lawrence Curbside Organic RecyclingCost
As of December 1, 2018, the cost of this program is $38.50 per month and is billed on a quarterly basis by Central Jersey Waste, which includes a 32 - gallon recycle cart. Organic carts are collected every Thursday and the contents are transported to various local farms for composting. During the week, residents are encouraged to store their waste in compostable BioBags.

REGISTER TODAY for your Green Container
Residents can register for the Curbside Organic Waste Program anytime and are permitted to share the service with a neighbor in order to reduce costs.

Organic Recycling ContainerWhat goes in the Green Organic Cart?
If it grows, it goes!

Raw food, scraps, cooked food, meat, bones, paper towels, pizza boxes, fruit and vegetable peels, litter box material, coffee grounds, tea bags, fish, egg shells, egg cartons (non - Styrofoam), waxed cardboard, oils, fats, butters, brown paper bags, paper take - out containers, newspapers, office paper, fruits and nuts, breads, pasta, grains, liquids and sauces, houseplants and flower bouquets, and dairy products.

Food Waste Reduction 
Tips from the NJDEP on how you can reduce the amount of wasted food your family generates.

Community Benefits
Removing organic materials from the waste stream reduces the amount of trash that is taken to the landfill. According to the EPA, food scraps and yard waste make up 20 - 30% of the waste stream, by far the largest percentage of waste category going into municipal landfills. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills, where they take up precious space and release methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Organic Recycling ContainerAll curbside organics are taken to a special facility and turned into usable soil. By joining the program you will

  • Reduce your garbage by 20-30% and keep it out of the landfills.
  • Help create usable soil for our gardens and on our farms.
  • Decrease methane gas produced when the organic waste decays over time.

If you still have questions, please call Janice Brokofsky in the Department of Public Works at (609) 587‐1894.


Collected Every Thursday

 COMPOSTABLE bags only

Meat, Poultry (bones also) Fish (including shellfish)

Dairy Products

Flower & Vegetable Garden Trimmings & Waste

Houseplants & Flower Bouquets

Fruits & Nuts (including pits) & Peels

Vegetables & Vegetable Peels

Bread, Pasta & Grains

Liquids & Sauces

Coffee Grounds & Filters

Tea Bags

Spoiled/Expired Foods

Grass and Leaves


Branches (2’x4”) or curbside (preferable)

Soiled/greasy newspaper

Soiled/greasy paper

Paper Plates & Cups/Cardboard coffee cups & holders

Paper Towels & Napkins

Paper Food Wrap

Paper Take-out Containers

Pizza Boxes

Egg Shells

Egg Cartons (non-styrofoam)

Waxed Cardboard & Waxed Paper

Plate Scrapings

Oils, Fats & Butters

Brown Paper Bags (use to line your collector)

YELLOW & GREEN Recycle Containers
Collected every other week on Trash Days

Single Stream Recycling.

Plastic Beverage Bottles, Milk Jugs, Detergent & Shampoo containers (lids are ok) - Plastics marked with either #1 or #2 recycle symbol

Glass Food & Beverage Jars/Bottles

Computer/ Copier Paper

Clean Newspaper

Clean Paper

Junk Mail

Shoe Boxes

Pet Food Cans

Dry Soap Boxes

Clean Cardboard

Cereal Boxes (remove liners)

Cookie & Cracker Boxes (remove liners)

Stationary (No metallic foil)

Envelopes (It’s ok to leave windows in)

Juice & Beverage Cartons including Juice Boxes

Telephone Directories & Paperback Books

Hardcover Books with the covers removed

Brown Paper Bags (or use to line kitchen collector)

Break down all large boxes

Trash Cart

Plastic Bags & Plastic Food Wrap; Styrofoam & Packing Peanuts; Bulky Metals, Plastics Marked #3-#7, Diapers; Pet Waste & Litter; Lumber & Fencing, Aluminum Foil; Feminine Hygiene Products, Baking Trays, Microwave Trays, Garden Nursery Containers & Trays, Household refuse