Construction Code Enforcement Division reviews all permit applications and Construction Plans submitted for new construction and alterations in accordance with the State Uniform Construction Code. (UCC) which includes Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire, Mechanical and Elevator plans. Inspect all residential and commercial buildings during phases of construction, investigate all structures that have been damaged and if they can be reoccupied safely, if not than how to close up buildings and temporary support such structures.
Rodgers, Michael T. - Construction Code Official/Building Subcode Official
Allegretti, Richard - Building lnspector
DeForte, James - Plumbing Subcode Official
Makowsky, Joseph - Senior Building Inspector
Mauro, Sandra - Account Clerk
McDermott, Stephen - Fire Subcode Official
Merola, Shelley - Technical Assistant to Construction Code Official
Reilly, Pamela - Account Clerk/Technical Assistant
White, John - Electrical Subcode Official

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