Municipal Clerk

Meet The Municipal Clerk

Tonya Carter, Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk is appointed for a term of three years, and if re-appointed attains tenure. They serve as Secretary to the Township Council and is the custodian of all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, bonds, deeds and contracts. The Clerks office issues licenses for dogs, cats, alcoholic beverages (liquor), bingos and raffles, towing, as well as permits for public gatherings, peddler and solicitors.

Main Duties of Municipal Clerk

  • Preparation of the agenda and recording of the minutes of Council Meetings.
  • Secretary to Mayor and Council.
  • Chief Administrative Officer for all elections.
  • Registrar of Voters for the Township.
  • Administrative Officer in charge of Bingo/Raffle Licenses, Dog/Cat licenses, Alcoholic Beverage Licenses, Towing Licenses, Gathering Permits, and any other licenses/permits not expressly assigned by the Code.
  • Custodian of the Municipal Seal.

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