Consumer Health Services

Public Recreational Bathing: The New Jersey State Sanitary Code, Chapter IX, Public Recreational Bathing - the purpose of this chapter is to set reasonable sanitary and safety regulations for public recreational bathing facilities and to preserve and improve the public health in this state.

Public Bathing Places: The health department monitors and inspects all public bathing places in the community to ensure safety and cleanliness. 

Retail Food Establishments: The health department conducts routine inspections of retail food establishments to ensure compliance with State standards as listed in Chapter 24 of the State Health Code. The inspector also responds to complaints and monitors recalled foods to ensure that only safe products reach the public. Retail food establishments are required to possess a food license and can use this link to access the application.

Temporary Food Licenses: The State requires all vendors including those who are interested in a temporary license to obtain a food license by completing an application and adhere to the guidelines.

Emergency Preparedness for Retail Food Establishments: The Lawrence Township Health Department has made available the guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health for Retail Food Establishments to help develop an emergency action plan.

Food Safety Tips for Residents Affected with a Power Outage: The Lawrence Township Health Department offers the following information to residents who may be affected by a power outage in order to determine if food in your refrigerator is safe to eat, please review the information on this FDA link.