The Lawrence Township Health Department provide public health services to the residents of this community. Under the mandates of the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health and the ordinances and policies of the Board of Health, the Health Department promotes and protects the public's health by the use of disease prevention activities, health promotion and education, inspections and enforcement activities. The Health Department responds quickly and effectively to the ever-changing priorities of the public health field in order to meet the needs of the community.
Buck, Christine - Animal Control Officer
Ciosek, Linda - Vital Statistics Registrar
DeHaan, Emily - Vulnerable Population Outreach Coordinator
Landau, Aimee - Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Levine, Keith - Health Officer
Nurse - Public Health Nurse
Sullivan, John - Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Uddin, Naseema - COVID-19 Generalist

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