Police Department General FAQs

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What are the telephone numbers for the Lawrence Township Police?

For all emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

For all non-emergency communications, please call 609.896.1111

Can I park my car on the street overnight?

Only on streets that are not marked by signs indicating "No Overnight Parking", or that have parking time restrictions indicated on street signs. There is no parking of any vehicles on streets overnight when a snowstorm is predicted which will have accumulations that would require the use of snowplows.

How do I dispose of old medication?

Lawrence Twp. Police Department participates in Project Medicine Drop.  Each Project Medicine Drop Box is installed indoors, affixed to the floor or wall in a secure area within police department headquarters, within view of law enforcement officers in an area to which members of the public may be admitted to dispose of their unused medications.  Lawrence Twp. Police Department's Project Medicine Drop Box is located within the lobby of the police department and accessible 24hrs a day.

  • Please do not discard any loose pills or leaking liquid containers within the box
  • Please do not discard any hypodermic needles or sharps within the box
  • Project Medicine Drop is to be used by the residents of Lawrence Township or surrounding towns to discard any unused or outdated medication. 
  •  Project Medicine Drop is not to be used by any doctors, hospitals, laboratories or nursing homes to discard large quantities of medication!
  • Get more information here: MedicineDropOff
How do I get my vehicle out of impound?

If your vehicle was towed or impounded as a result of a motor vehicle or criminal violation, you were provided with an Impounded Vehicle Notice Form.  Please review your copy of the form and contact the Lawrence Twp. Police Department Towing Division at 609-844-7130.

How do I apply for a temporary Handicap Placard?

In order to get a handicapped placard, you must fill out an APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY PLACARD and return it to the Records Bureau window of the police department.  Payment must be made via check or money order made payable to NJ MVC

How do I get fingerprinted for employment, volunteering, or door-to-door soliciting?

The Lawrence Township Police Department no longer provides on-site fingerprinting services for employment, volunteering, or door-to-door soliciting.  

Please use the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) service of the New Jersey State Police for the above listed needs.

The CHRI can be located at the following link: https://www.nj.gov/njsp/criminal-history-records/

How do I get in touch with a particular officer?

In order to get a hold of a particular police officer, call the non-emergency dispatch number at 609-896-1111 and request to speak with them. If they are not available, you will be given their voicemail box and they will return your call as soon as possible.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
  1. How to obtain a report:
  • In person at the Records Bureau (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday)
  • By email (there is no fee for this method) - You may send an email to records@lawrencetwp.com with the following information:
    • Name and address of Applicant
    • Telephone number and email address
    • Date and time of incident
    • Location of incident
    • Report type and report number (if known)
How do I obtain a Firearms Purchaser ID card or Permit to Purchase a Handgun?

**There is a new procedure to apply for a Firearms ID card and Permit to Purchase.  

Applications are now to be completed online at:


  • Go to the website and click "Online S.T.S 033 Form" to begin the application process
  • Lawrence Township ORI number is:  NJ0110700
How do I hand over a firearm or ammunition for destruction?

Please bring the firearm and/or ammunition to the dispatch window of the police department and ask to speak with an officer.  

How do I obtain a copy of a motor vehicle crash report?

The easiest way to receive a copy of a crash report is by going to https://policereports.lexisnexis.com/. You will need to enter your crash report number followed by "-AC"

How do I pay a traffic ticket?

The easiest way to pay a traffic ticket is by going to Ticket Payment

How do I hire police officers for off duty work?

In order to hire a police officer for special duty assignments, you must call JOBS4BLUE at 877-425-8330.

How do I get a Gathering Permit?

Gathering permits are obtained through the township clerks office.  They can be reached at 609-844-7001

I'm struggling with an addiction problem. How do I get help?

The police department participates in a program called CARE (Community Addiction Recovery Effort).  If you are dealing with an addiction problem, you can come to the police department and ask to speak with an officer.  They will put you in touch with a CARE counselor who will offer assistance.

How do I become a school crossing guard?

Please call the Traffic Safety Officer at 609-844-7123 for additional information.

How do I register for Nixle to receive notification of road closings and other emergencies?

Nixle a real-time notification program will deliver a recorded warning to the entire Township by telephone, e-mail or text. You can register for Nixle by clicking here