Patrol Division

Patrol Division 609-896-1111

The Patrol Division of the department is responsible for the investigation of offenses, crimes, traffic accidents, disturbances, and all other incidents that require police service. In addition, all police officers have the responsibility to protect life and property, preserve the peace, prevent crimes, detect and arrest violators of the law and to enforce state and local laws and ordinances coming within the jurisdiction of the Township.

Canine Unit 609-896-1111

The Lawrence Twp. Police Department Canine Unit is comprised of a police officer handler and a canine.  The canine is trained to detect explosives, track missing persons, locate fleeing suspects and search buildings for suspects.  The canine unit also conducts demonstrations for schools and community groups.

Communications Bureau 609-896-1111

Lawrence Township has contracted with iXP Corporation to operate the Communications Bureau. iXP employees staff the Communications Center 24/7. All of the employees are certified public safety telecommunicators who answer 9-1-1 calls. These calls are then broadcast for police response or transferred to medical/fire dispatch as needed.