Traffic Bureau

Traffic Bureau  609-896-1111

The Traffic Bureau is staffed by a Traffic Safety Officer.  This officer is a designated patrol Lieutenant who in addition to their normal function performs the following:

  • Supervision of all patrol traffic functions including special enforcement areas
  • Supervision and training of all school crossing guards
  • Conducts traffic surveys for speed, volume and other areas, such as parking (including handicap zones etc.)
  • Coordinates school, church, and other large scale traffic events

Off Duty Employment of Officers

Police Officers may work off-duty assignment within the guidelines of department policy and Township ordinance. These usually include situations that are required by Township permit, or where a police presence is desirable at gatherings. Please contact Jobs 4 Blue at 877-425-8330 in reference to off duty employment.

Persons with traffic concerns or questions may contact the traffic safety officer by email.