Crime Prevention

The Lawrence Twp. Police Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you are a VICTIM OF A CRIME we are here to help!  The Lawrence Twp. Police Department can file an official police report for you to assist you with documenting the incident, or assist you in filing an online police report.

If additional services are needed for specific events, please refer to:

New Jersey State Office of Victim/Witness Advocacy 

For specific incidents that have occurred within Lawrence Township or Mercer County, please contact:

Office of Victim Witness Advocacy
Mercer County Prosecutor's Office
PO Box 8068
Trenton, NJ 08650
Phone:  609-989-6428
Fax:  609-278-2707

Retail & Commercial Crime Prevention

To develop and maintain a close association with merchants, business persons and commercial establishments within the Township, and offer advice, recommendations and training programs in crime prevention methods. Please contact Detective Bureau at 609.844.7130 for a referral on this program.

Combat Auto Theft

Window decals are used to identify program participants. The decal identifies a vehicle in which the owner has authorized New Jersey law enforcement officers to stop his/her vehicle between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. to determine who is driving and whether the vehicle is stolen. Program participants must sign an agreement to register for the program. There is no fee for registration of the decal. Information may be obtained through the Records Bureau.

Rights of Crime Victims & Witnesses

All residents and business persons who have been the victim or witness to a serious crime are entitled to certain rights. Please contact Police Communications at 609.896.1111 for a referral.

Criminal Complaints & Motor Vehicle Complaints

Any citizen wanting to sign a criminal or motor vehicle complaint against an individual where the act occurred in Lawrence Township is asked to contact either the Lawrence Township Municipal Court or Police Communications at 609.896.1111.